Firms Looking To “Upgrade” Talent, Even In A Hiring Freeze

flickr: Ralph Hockens

Can you hire someone during a freeze? Can you get a job at a company that’s under a freeze?

Classic wisdom says no. Seth Wolk at ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi says of course!

Wolk is “director of human interest” at S&S, which he says is a “more outward-bound way of thinking about people…A ‘resource’ is something to use,” he told Workforce. At the ad agency, he says he’s committed to “having a dialogue about how people are doing and where they want to be.”

During the downturn, though Saatchi & Saatchi is under a hiring freeze, he’s found a way to move top talent in:

“I can’t add headcount, but if I can make the case that I can part ways with a B-player and bring on an A-player at the same cost, I can do that.”

This is wonderful news for companies who may not have a large personnel budget but want to improve their operations; it’s also great for people who have a clear idea where they want to be, even if that company is “not hiring” at the moment; it’s also a bit scary, I’d wager, for workers already feeling a little insecure in their jobs.