Firm Wraps Up the Year With One Last PR Fail

Just when you thought all the PR gaffes that could be made in 2011 had been made, we have one more example to prove you wrong.

Ocean Marketing has, according to gaming site Kotaku, been pretty much destroyed by a customer service incident that never should have happened ever on modern-day planet Earth.

You can read the entire email chain on the website Penny Arcade, but in short, a customer contacted Paul Christoforo, the president of Ocean Marketing, which was representing a company that makes a video game controller accessory. The customer, Dave, asked some pretty simple questions about when he would receive the item he purchased and somehow this escalated into a back-and-forth with Christoforo calling him names, name-dropping, and just plain-old being a jerk.

Can you guess where this is going? Of course, the entire email chain ended up in the hands of the Penny Arcade writer Mike Krahulik, who posted it on his site. Because what had already transpired between Christoforo and Dave wasn’t enough, Christoforo went on to diss Krahulik because he didn’t believe that the writer and gaming conference organizer (read: VIP) was who he claimed to be. Oy.

Since then, other gaming sites have picked up on the story, Ocean Marketing’s subsequent firing, and Christoforo’s pleading apology. But Mr. Ocean Marketing, you should know by now that the Internet is not so easily moved by the plaintive sounds of PR fail regret. We have a parody video above. Keep in mind: all of this — from the original email posting to the parody video — happened in about 24 hours.