Firm Focused on the C-Suite, the 10 company, Launches

Valerie Di Maria, a marcomms vet who has worked with GE Capital, Motorola, and international insurance company Willis, has teamed with tech company CEO Clare DeNicola to launch the 10 company, a firm that will help C-level execs to market and brand their companies.

Services will focus on branding and corporate positioning, thought leadership, crisis, media coaching, and other areas of corporate communications. The firm’s industry specialties are financial and professional services, healthcare, and technology. The 10 company has partnered with a number of firms, including Gotham Research Group and branding firm Pappas MacDonnell. More info about the firm is available here.

The two worked together at GCI Group 15 years ago and have based their new firm on 10-focused principles, such as the “10 tenets of client relationships” and using 10 percent of every dollar to provide complimentary services. DeNicola was named CEO of IVANS, a tech company for the health and insurance sector, in 2004.