Fireworks, BBQs Led Social Chatter Over July 4th Weekend

Most users posted about the July 4th weekend on Twitter, which accounted for 82.23 percent of all online mentions related to the holiday weekend.

Fireworks and BBQs were the most discussed activities by U.S. users on social media during the July 4th weekend, according to data from social intelligence and social listening platform Synthesio.

Measuring posts by U.S. users from July 1 to July 4, Synthesio found 50.64 percent of all online conversations related to the holiday weekend mentioned fireworks, while 26.97 percent of conversations mentioned BBQs.

Synthesio July 4 2016

Most users talked about the July 4th weekend on Twitter, which accounted for 82.23 percent of all online mentions related to the holiday weekend. Instagram came in second, accounting for 12.33 percent of online mentions.

Synthesio found 55 percent of all mentions related to the July 4th weekend were posted by males, while 45 percent were posted by females. In addition, users 18-25 years old posted the most, followed by users 25-35 years old.

Overall, #4thOfJuly was the most popular hashtag for the weekend, followed by #independenceday and #fourthofjuly.

Readers: Did you post about the July 4th weekend on social media?

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