Fireworks at PRSA Conference?


PRSA is hosting the T3 tech PR conference in New York next Thursday, and this blogger finds himself on a panel titled, “Hot Topics: Prominent PR Bloggers Speak Out,” with some people who have been in the game way longer than him, including Phil Gomes, Jeremy Pepper, and Colin McKay.

They’ve also assembled quite a lineup of real journalists as well, including reporters from USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and TechCrunch, among others.

There is another aspect to the conference that we will be watching with interest. founder and overall vocal flack Peter Shankman is presenting one of the keynotes. ProfNet, which competes – and sometimes feuds – with Shankman’s service (background here, and here), is a sponsor of the conference, and can’t be all that thrilled to have their name on an event where he is keynoting. Shankman himself doesn’t feel shy talking about the matter, as he mentioned to his 25k strong email list, “Come to the PRSA T3 PR Conference on Sept 11th in NYC. It’ll be worth it for the potential of fireworks alone. :)”

[Image: Peter Shankman]