Fireproof Games announces The Room sequel, free prequel content and Android version

Fireproof Games today announced a sequel to its 3D puzzle game The Room, according to a post on the developer’s Facebook page. Since its launch in September 2012, The Room has consistently ranked highly on the top paid iPad apps chart on multiple occasions, even as recently as last week. The puzzler also nabbed Apple’s award for the best iPad game of the year in 2012.

The sequel, which is slated to release this fall, will take players “into an altogether more spectacular place,” according to the developers.

On top of the announcement of a sequel to The Room, the Guildford, U.K.-based studio revealed that it will release a new, free chapter for The Room in early summer, which will act as prologue to the seuqel. Lastly, the iOS game will make its way to Android before the end of the summer.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, The Room is currently ranked No. 40 on the top paid iPad apps chart.