FireMe Shares Tweets That Could (And Probably Should) Get You Fired

By now you should be WELL aware of the perils of social media and the fact that what you post could cost you your job, but apparently this is still news to some folks.

Well, fear not, uninitiated – FireMe! is here to show you the error of your ways. Just hope you see (and delete!) the offending posts before your boss does.

Although this is not NEARLY as creepy as WeKnowYourHouse (the now-defunct site that pinpointed the location of your house based on your tweets), this site should make you feel equally ill if you find yourself on it.

FireMe! is a handy little Twitter bot that pulls in publicly available tweets where folks are griping about their jobs. Why are they doing this?

Our goal is to raise awareness about the danger of public online data.
Most people are not aware that, on the internet, once said, you can never take it back.

Want to see the worst offenders? Check out the FireMe Leaderboard:

The site also provides a self-check option so you can test your “fireability:”

A low score doesn’t protect you though, trrrrust me, I’m obnoxious (but I love my job, so that saves me – fingers crossed):

And yes, we’ve warned that ‘you are what you tweet’ so many times now, but maybe hearing it – and seeing it – from another source will help drive the point home.

All tweets shown here are publicly available on Twitter. So don’t blame us, instead get responsible.

If you did get responsible, you deleted your reckless tweet and feels annoyed by your presence in this Website, contact us and we will immediately remove your account from FireMe!.

Be happy they’re willing to delete your tweets, people. Short of that, you’d be forced to try the “it’s a fake screenshot!” defense. Email to have yours removed if you see your misguided tweet posted.

How did you rate on the FireMe! scale? And are you considering deleting some tweets now?

(Twitter image from FireMe!)