Firefox Mobile 1.0 Released: Only Available for Nokia N900

YouTube video courtesy of FirefoxforMobile

Firefox for Mobile 1.0 is available. I’d be excited about this product except for one thing. It is only available for one smartphone. And, it is probably the least seen smartphone in the U.S. from a major manufacturer…

Firefox for Mobile Now Available on Nokia’s Maemo Platform!

Maemo is Nokia’s Linux based mobile platform. We first saw it in Nokia’s N700/800 series of Internet tablets. It is now their platform of choice for high-end smartphones. The first Nokia running Maemo is the N900. I’ve considered buying an N900 a couple of times since its release. However, I chose to buy a Nexus One instead of the N900 a few weeks ago. And, now it is time to save up for the iPad (probably two – WiFi-only model and 3G model). The N900 (with 32GB storage) is available for about $540 ($650 list price). So, its price is close to both the Nexus One and iPad.

Firefox Mobile’s biggest advantage over other mobile web browsers appears to be ports of Firefox’s various add-ons. Mozilla reports there are currently more than 40 add-ons for Firefox Mobile.

I hope they complete a functional useable port to Windows Mobile soon. That is the only mobile platform I use badly in need of an alternative browser.

Note that the video above is for the Beta 5 release. I was not able to find a video demo of the 1.0 release.