Firefox Gets Foxy With Customizable Personas

A new Firefox extension released by Mozilla allows users to seamlessly add themes to their browser – code free!


Known as Personas, Firefox is attempting to streamline the process of finding and installing themes. With the new addition graphic designers can stylize the browser experience without the need to know code.

The ability also exists to include items such as HTML, CSS, PNG, JPG, SVG, Javascript and Canvas.

Will browsers ever become more than desktop software? Mozilla certainly hopes so and continues to pave the way with online components such as Personas.

Install here

Other Personas features include on-the-fly updates as you create and edit as well as the ability for designers to make changes and/or updates without having to update any software.

For folks who want their Web surfing experience to be a bit more fun and personal, Personas are worth checking out. These designs that “skin” the Firefox Web browser are sure to brighten your day.