FireFox 4 Launches with a Twitter Party

FireFox 4 was launched today, and the Mozilla team decided that there was no better way to celebrate than by inviting everyone to the Firefox 4 Twitter Party. So break out your party hats if you’re a Mozilla fan, and join the fun!

Your Twitter bio pic can be immortalized as part of Team Firefox, if you care to participate in this unique promotional event. Firefox is creating a logo mosaic with images of all of their loyal Twitter fans, and is even highlighting some of their Firefox-related tweets.

All you have to do to join the Twitter Party is tweet about Firefox 4 and include the hashtag #fx4 (although it looks like #firefox4 also makes the cut). Your Twitter avatar will then be added to the constantly changing Firefox logo mosaic found at the Twitter Party website.

This is a cool, simple promotion that serves two purposes: it encourages people to download Firefox 4, and it also might propel the #fx4 hashtag to become a trending topic. If that happens, you can bet the nearly 40,000 tweets that are recorded at the Twitter Party website right now will explode to epic proportions.