Fired CNN Producer Speaks About the Blog That Got Him Axed

In February, CNN axed producer Chez Pazienza after executives discovered his blog and entries he wrote on the Huffington Post and other sites. (Seventy-nine percent of you thought this was unfair.)

Now that the controversy has died down, Mediashift’s Simon Owens asked Pazienza about his firing.

The ex-producer had the following to say about the future of the network:

“If you go strictly by what they say in [CNN’s blogging] policy, they basically cut themselves off at the knees from having anyone new hired. Because every kid that walks into that job now, that kid is on Facebook or MySpace or has a blog. His or her opinions are very well known.”

According to Pazienza, while CNN cited company policy banning employees from writing for other outlets without first getting it approved, he was told by one exec that the subject of his writing prompted the firing.