Firecue Joins the Virtual Currency Monetization Game

firecue-logoVirtual currency monetization continues to grow at a torrid pace around the world and the US, and the space is getting only more competitive by the day. Just within the last month, we were the first to cover new virtual currency monetization firms SponsorPay, gWallet, and TokenAds. Today, we have a first look at another new entrant in the virtual currency market – Chicago based Firecue.

Firecue, which is a division of mobile lead generation company Viveli, was founded by Jason Rodriguez, AJ Archibald, and Nick Griffith, who originally started the company intending to build a display network for social developers. However, the team then switched to focusing on virtual currency monetization solutions for social app and game developers. Shortly thereafter, the company became a part of Viveli. Why go that route?

“Over the past four years Viveli has grown to be one of the largest advertisers in the mobile acquisition space. Much of the appeal to joining Viveli was in their track record for outperforming in international markets,” co-founder Jason Rodriguez tells us. “We’ve been fortunate enough to leverage Viveli’s experience, in-house offers, and extensive advertiser relationships to benefit our publishers with premium payouts and custom offer integrations.”

Today, Firecue has a team of five and is hiring.

While Firecue says it is working with about 30 developers, 2/3 of which are on Facebook, Rodriguez says the “majority of our success” has been concentrated in US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and Germany. In addition, Rodriguez says the company is equally splitting its efforts between social app and game developers – and some others.

“We’re seeing an increasing amount of interest coming from non-game related publishers looking to build virtual currency into their business,” Rodriguez says.

For now, Rodriguez says Firecue is focused on iterating the user experience for offers. “Ultimately we’d like to create a standardized format for advertisers to allow deeper integration into the game to improve user-experience without disrupting the net effect for advertisers.”

We’ll keep tracking the company as it expands and competes with larger players already operating in the field like Super Rewards, Offerpal, Sometrics, Peanut Labs, AdParlor, Gambit, TrialPay, SponsorPay, TokenAds, and SupersonicAds. More players coming into the space is only going to mean good things for developers and users, and it’s sure to be an interesting year ahead.