Fire That Receptionist! Share Your Calendar With Jiffle.

jifflePlans. In my world, I like being in control when I make them and with whom. Jiffle, an online application that aims to give everyone access to your calendar, threatens to change that. But that might not be such a bad thing.

You know the drill: You want to meet – let’s say Jeremy – for drinks. It takes a week of back and forth via e-mail to hammer down a lousy hour of mutually-convenient time. Jiffle could be the solution. By integrating with Outlook and Google calendar, the free service takes wasted time out of the coordination process.

Upon opening a user’s calendar, you will see a schedule of their availability. Just fill in an appointment and reserve a spot in your buddy’s tight social life. When setting up Jiffle, you have an option to securely share the information you want with the people you choose.

There are business uses for the application as well. For example, Jiffle can be used in conjunction with WebEx to expedite meetings. Also, folks who click through a Google AdWords ad will no longer have to call customer support or a sales rep to schedule time. Just find and open slot and reserve time – without any human interaction.

I’m not sure how I feel about being more social. But I do like the fact that this takes ‘phone tag’ one step closer to extinction.

You can sign up for an online demo by using the actual Jiffle product. A nice touch. The Website is an ’08 Webware 100 Awards finalist in the productivity category.