Fire Crews Save Dog From L.A. River

It’s hard to say who is more lovable, dogs or firemen – and when the two come together for a heart-pounding live rescue scenario, it makes for good television. So when a black dog got caught in the L.A. River today, the effort of fire crews to save the desperate pup were aired live on three of the four cable news channels. From our sister blog TVNewser:

Fox News, MSNBC and HLN watched as the dog was first spotted walking along a raised edge in the river but then got trapped along a concrete embankment. Crews dangled a life vest and float but the dog ignored them. Finally, a rescue helicopter hovered while a firefighter went in after the canine.

CNN reported the story a few minutes later with video of the rescue and live pictures of the dog being treated in an LAFD ambulance.

In the midst of hail storms, flash floods, property damage and forced evacuations, it’s nice to spot a happy ending somewhere.