Fiorina Camp Emails FBLA

This is the entire email exchange we had yesterday with the Carly Fiorina for Senate campaign regarding our post about their protesters who literally seem on the same page.
On 7/7/10 5:07 PM, James Richardson wrote:
Tina —
On behalf of the Fiorina campaign, I wanted to touch base in reference to your post today on the FailedSenator protests.
The man you identified as a Fiorina aide in image one is neither a campaign staffer nor is he a repeat protester. In fact, there were no repeat protesters.

You have incorrectly dated image three, which occurred on the same day as image two (both pictures are from the same event). The “grow jobs not government” sign is not, per your description, a “repeat sign,” then, and instead just two different images of the same supporter holding the same sign on the same day. Further, the man identified in image two as a “repeat Fiorina staffer” is wearing entirely different clothes from the first supposed appearance of said “Fiorina staffer” on the same day, July 7, from two different protests in two different cities.
The protest signs you wrongly identified as astroturf material were created by campaign supporters at each protest location–Monterey, Fresno, San Diego and Sacramento–and used only for that protest.
All Best
James Richardson
On Jul 7, 2010, at 8:29 PM, Fishbowl LA wrote:
Hi James!
Thanks for the note.
“Astroturf” is your word, not mine.
But I did goof on the date of that one pic. It was posted on July 7th. Good catch. Typo.

How do you explain the same paper size, marker color and identical slogans with some of the exact same handwriting? How about the curiously similar amount of people in different locations all having the idea to send you guys the pics to post on Twitter? This is pretty remarkable kismet, don’t you think? That’s a great story of 20 people around California all psychically connected in such a profound way. Is that the case?

On 7/7/10 5:53 PM, James Richardson wrote:
Thanks for the quick response, Tina.
But for whatever reason, there is an obvious disconnect here. Of the six posted images, there is no instance of a supporter using a sign created for an old rally. Images two and three are of the same event and many of the same supporters; the same can be said for images five and six.
As for your theory about paper size and marker color, I would direct you to your local OfficeMax or Staples, where you’ll soon realize that white poster board and red and black markers in are great abundance. I would even hazard a guess that those products have their individual markets cornered.

I never said it was the same sign. The slogans are the same. “Epic fail?” The slogans are identical at different “rallies.” Identical slogans meaning the same exact words. Different signs. Exact same slogan.
I’ve been to protests. People get all creative with their signs. They’re all bedazzled and snazzy. Sometimes they’re clever. Sometimes they’re off message. Sometimes they don’t have the same “blimp” and look curiously like the same person in different clothes on now what you’re claiming is the same day. How many balloons did you guys have made anyway?
So is OfficeMax your explanation?
And the same exact handwriting in the pic just posted in Stockton as the one posted earlier in Sacramento, is that the magic of OfficeMax too?
Are you guys just going to come clean on this one? It’s a pretty goofy attempt to stage phony protest.