Finney: Come Sell Books At The DNC!

A funny scene from this weekend’s “National Journal On Air” program:

    Host, Tammy Haddad: “There’s one question left.”

    DNC Communications Director Karen Finney: “O.K.”

    Tammy Haddad: “Will Scott McClellan appear at the Committee meeting or will he be signing books in the lobby?”

    Karen Finney: (laughs) “Well, I certainly would love have him come and sign books in the lobby…”

    Tammy Haddad: “Would you like to invite him right here on National Journal here on air?”

    Karen Finney: “Scott McClellan…”

    Tammy Haddad: “Go ahead, say it…”

    Karen Finney: “Scott McClellan, if you are looking for a room full of people who will be happy to see you, please come to the RBC meeting and sign some books.”

    Tammy: “Alright Scott, you heard it first on Potus ’08, National Journal on Air. Karen Finney, good luck this weekend. Thanks for being with us. We’ll be back in a moment.”