Finke on Fields + Weitzman

Nikki Finke’s LA Weekly column looks at the partnership between Powerful Hollywood Lawyers Bert Fields and Howard Weitzman, who now work together at a firm which, for brevity’s sake, I’ll call GGFCM&K, despite their history of professional and personal rivalry. Of course, it wouldn’t be Finke without a jab aimed at other journalists and the Hollywood press corps in general:

Bert vs. Howie was one of the longest-running feuds in entertainment legal circles, yet the vast majority of moguls, agents, managers and even other attorneys were unaware it was even raging. Nor were journalists, judging from the shocking lack of coverage by the mainstream media outlets. The New York Times’ new Hollywood correspondent David Halbfinger broke the news of the supposed pairing of Howard Weitzman with Bert Fields but failed to explain what made the development so interesting or even the true nature of the relationship. (We won’t mention that Fields-is-cooking-chicken-fajitas-in-Malibu laugh-riot in Sunday�s NYT timed to the release of his latest book about Shakespeare.) Halbfinger is new to the Hollywood scene so he can�t be expected to have a stored-up memory of who did what to whom and why. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal, not to mention the feeble-minded trades, are missing-in-action on this story altogether. And that is the problem: For media who purport to cover Hollywood, they largely ignore the scandal-du-jour of the entertainment super-lawyer set.