The Fine Brothers Spoil The Films Of 2010 Just In Time For The Oscars

The Academy Awards are just around the corner and Benny and Rafi Fine of The Fine Brothers are here just in time to spoil the ends of all of the 10 Best Picture nominees and 40 other 2010 films. Before reading any further…consider yourselves warned!

The Fine Brothers’ Spoiler series is one of their most popular (and most loathed) series. The brothers rapidly race through films giving away the endings. They’ve spoiled Christmas movies, Disney movies, Horror movies and more. I asked them via email how they came up with the idea for their Spoiler series and they told me, “It was the combination of having multiple movies and TV shows being spoiled for us over the years (we HATE things being spoiled, it has hurt friendships even, ironic!), and seeing a T-Shirt being sold online revealing that (spoiler alert!) Snape kills Dumbledore in Harry Potter 6, that brought us to thinking about how we could create content around spoiling.”

Having had nearly every “surprise-ending movie” spoiled for me before I saw it (The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, Unbreakable, you get the point), I can totally sympathize with the fact that Benny and Rafi HATE things being spoiled. But now that they’ve jumped sides to become spoilers themselves I wondered if they’ve watched every movie they’ve spoiled or if they had to spoil some for themselves in order to make these videos. They told me that they’ve seen about eighty to eighty-five percent of the movies that they’ve spoiled. “If there’s a movie that we badly wanted to see we’ll watch it prior to writing it.”

Finally, I wondered what kind of reaction they’ve gotten to their spoilers. They said, “There’s always quite a lot of hatred and people yelling at us to “say SPOILER next time!” but every title has “Spoilers” in it and we literally start every single episode saying “consider yourselves warned”, so it’s your own fault! That being said, we get just as many comments about how thankful people are for the time and money we saved them.”

So before watching the video below, consider yourselves warned! Benny and Rafi are about to spoil 50 movies from 2010. Enjoy!