The Fine Bros. Get Kids to Weigh In on Gay Marriage

Instant classic reaction video pops in social media

The Fine Bros. waded into the gay marriage debate—with a group of children.

Last week, the duo's video, Kids React to Gay Marriage, featured a collection of kids' facial reactions while watching multiple gay marriage proposals. The kids comments were priceless, ranging from "You mean a boy marrying a boy?" to "That was so cute and it doesn't matter if they're gay or anything."

Like many Fine Bros. reaction videos, this one went viral, generating over 7 million views in a week—landing it atop the VideoWatch weekly YouTube content ranker, powered by VidID. And this clip was particularly popular in social media. According to VidIQ, it was shared nearly 68,000 times while garnering 133,000 likes.

On a slighly less profound note, an Epic Rap Battle between Miley Cyrus and Joan of Arc took second place on the chart. And for the second straight week, BuzzFeed saw one of its listicles pop on YouTube. Check out the list here:

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