Fine Bros. Discover Kids Don’t Like Game Boys Anymore

Old school device doesn't cut it with today's crowd

There was a time that having a Game Boy meant you owned the coolest toy on the market. Today's kids, however, don't think it's worth writing home about.

Fine Brothers Entertainment asked kids what they thought about the classic handheld Nintendo device and had them play the top-selling game (and major cause of headaches), Tetris. "I kind of feel sad for the people in the past," one kid said, sighing. The children may not have been impressed, but audiences—who have viewed the clip more than 7.5 million times since it uploaded on July 6— love their reactions. Fine Brothers Entertainment also had another viral hit this week with YouTubers React to The Slap, a playful parody of First Kiss.

Hanging on the charts is Color Songs Collection Vol.1, which has been viewed more than 152 million times since it was uploaded on Nov. 2, 2013. The popularity of this educational video speaks to the fact that parents have been demanding kid-friendly content on the video platform, something that Dreamworks TV hopes to tap into.

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