Finding New Treasures on This Week’s List of the 20 Fastest-Growing Facebook Games

Out of the 20 games that gained the most monthly active users on Facebook this past week, there are only a couple surprises. In general, it was the usual gains by big games from big developers.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Birthday Cards17,631,919+3,869,528+21.95
2.icon FishVille24,042,146+3,401,193+14.15
3.icon Happy Pets7,454,109+2,319,930+31.12
4.icon FarmVille70,476,996+1,864,837+2.65
5.icon Café World31,601,026+1,062,355+3.36
6.icon Fish Isle2,673,550+997,820+37.32
7.icon Zoo World4,144,008+965,673+23.30
8.icon Country Life3,452,588+812,463+23.53
9.icon Band of Heroes1,879,672+610,024+32.45
10.icon Diva Life3,160,236+571,882+18.10
11.icon Medical Mayhem1,264,295+563,257+44.55
12.icon Treasure Madness2,549,219+544,654+21.37
13.icon Mafia Wars27,343,282+455,870+1.67
14.icon Champions Online1,812,996+411,503+22.70
15.icon Fish Life2,794,465+330,890+11.84
16.icon Hug Me4,775,207+308,975+6.47
17.icon Island Paradise7,665,845+307,409+4.01
18.icon Ultimate Slot Machines976,342+279,097+28.59
19.icon Happy Aquarium27,613,478+276,860+1.00
20.icon Poker Rivals371,579+270,398+72.77

At the top we have gifting app Birthday Cards from RockYou. This app is not actually game, although the developer decided to categorize it as one in Facebook’s app directory. Moving on….

We have a long list of games that have been showing up for many weeks already, starting with Zynga’s FishVille, which grew by 3.40 million to 24.0 million monthly actives, and CrowdStar’s Happy Pets, which went up 2.32 million to 7.45 million monthly actives.

So lets take a look at the ones we haven’t see much of before. RockYou’s Zoo World, which is a game, continues to grow — a sign that the company’s new focus on gaming is going according to plan. It got 965,000 new players to end at 4.14 million; we’re not sure why, but a range of other RockYou titles are also on the upswing.

Treasure Madness on Facebook

Also on the list: virtual farming game Country Life, by an unnamed developer. This is quite interesting, in that an anonymous developer has managed to grow by 812,000 in the past week to reach 3.45 million in the midst of an established and very competitive game genre. We’re looking forward to hearing more about what’s going on here.

The other surprise on today’s list is Treasure Madness, where you play a variety of puzzles within a virtual treasure-hunting game. The developer, called zSlide (nice name — we’re expecting to see a zZynga pop up soon, too), has actually been around for awhile. Treasure Madness looks like its biggest hit yet, that we know of.

Among some of the other newish titles to make the list, also keep an eye on Vojo World’s virtual hospital game Medical Mayhem and Playfish’s new Poker Rivals.