Finding Influencers On Twitter Just Became Eerily Accurate

Imagine your company, the Widgetry Factory, just realized a potential new niche. Widgetry would need to act quickly and would want to find influencers on Twitter to help dominate the market (assuming Widgetry’s marketing team was worth its salt, of course).

And imagine that this very specific niche would appeal to males who were physically active, fond of high-end footwear and living in the Southeast part of the United States and other comparable climates. How would Widgetry ever find these folks?

Well, if they understood a thing or two about Twitter’s firehose and who has access to it, the folks at Widgetry would know to check out the new PeopleBrowsr and Kred social data APIs (just released today) – because the folks at PeopleBrowsr not only have access to Twitter’s firehose, they’re kinda setting the standard for how to delve into it.

What is this PeopleBrowsr of which we speak?

Well PeopleBrowsr created Kred (a Klout rival) that measures influence in online communities connected by interest – BUT it goes beyond what you’ve come to expect, valuing audience quality and engagement over audience size. Kred does this by focusing on two key attributes:

  • Influence: the ability to inspire action, like retweeting, replies and new follows
  • Outreach: the propensity to engage with others and willingness to spread a message

And it then develops two scores that give an online influencer snapshot you will likely appreciate – and that will be invaluable for social media marketers, CRM vendors, publishers, customer service or anyone who needs to prioritize relationships in their social streams. But you can explore that here another time – today’s update goes beyond that.

The PeopleBrowsr API includes the full Twitter firehose since 2008, offering a Datamine of over 1,200 days – but that’s not all. It also pulls in public Facebook posts since 2010, 40 million blogs and forums and more secret sauce social data sources. In a nutshell, the PeopleBrowsr Kred API allows marketers to identify influential people for social media engagement. And it’s the only API that:

  • Finds users by searching keywords, hashtags, bio, communities, or location – then assigns influence metrics for every user returned.
  • Gives complete access to 1,200 days of social media posts.
  • Does all of this really, really quickly – meaning they can parse data from 120 million Twitter users in real-time.

As their press release today tells us, depending on development requirements, the PeopleBrowsr Kred API is available in four different classes and either 60 or 1,200 days of data access.

The classes are:

Find Influencers. This pinpoints influential people on any subject or within communities connected by shared interests or affinities. Influencers may be identified through applying Kred Influence, Kred Outreach, Kred RT Influence, and Top Followers.

Deep Analytics. Providing author-based analytics – including Kredentials (a single-screen summary of anyone’s social presence), historical Kred scores, reach, and friends & followers. Location-based data can be returned for any keyword, hashtag or @name.

Action Analytics. Delivers aggregated social data metrics for any keyword, hashtag or @name, including mention counts, word clouds and hashtag clouds. It offers the capability to filter by community, location, keyword and bio keyword for any time range down to a minute-by-minute basis. (Action Analytics provides the data feed for the minute by minute data that powers Mashable’s mRank Leaderboards.)

Global Kred Score. Used to append global Kred scores to @names or twitter IDs in web-based applications. This Score allows publishers, CRM vendors, customer service organizations and others to place influence scores with @names and and surface influential users (and its free up to 500 calls per day).