Finding Fashion with Playing the Ponies


We’re tired. We were up late working on a big project while listening to our favorite hockey team just get trumped. So it’s a mix of being physically exhausted and mentally depressed. And it’s when we feel like this that we feel it necessary to turn to Ping Magazine to revive our fallen spirits. And, per usual, they have delivered. This time around it’s a big feature on the costumes of jockeys, and it’s just great. We love it. We’re happy. You will be too.

Slowly the leaves have started to turn red and the fresh wind is inviting to take long walks or to find other activities for a day outside. If you are a regular at bookies, you might know that the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe — one of the world’s mayor horse races — is held in France at this time of the year. The Japanese horse called Deep Impact ran at this year’s Arc de Triomphe and excited a huge Japanese audience in front of the TV. Although this horse actually won the third prize at the race, we are still not sure if he can keep it or not. This current doping scandal keeps the newspapers busy and is excellent for a chat in your next coffee break! However, we here at PingMag got fascinated by the jockey’s uniforms at the race! Today we introduce some colorful outfits from the biggest racetrack in Japan: Tokyo Racecourse.