Find Your Next Apartment and Your Neighbors on RentSocial

When you need a new place to live, your choices are to ask your friends for help, to go through an agent, or to respond to ads on Craigslist and cross your fingers that you won’t hit a spam listing from a credit report company. RentSocial, launched today, combines the best of all three.

Just like any other apartment listing site, on RentSocial you can plug in your desired zip code, amenities, or other criteria to see listings that meet your needs. There are photos, floor plans, and a map of listings in the area to browse through.

The difference is that when you sign up for the service, you can connect through Facebook or email to invite your roommate, spouse, or friends to join as well so you can look at places together. It beats sending links to apartment listings by email (although you can do that on RentSocial, too.)

When you find something you like you can mark it as a “keeper,” taking note of what you like about it, when you’d like to move in, and where it’s located on the map. You can also save multiple properties, floor plans, or units to the same “keeper.” Your friends will be able to see which places you like and get a feel for your taste. If you want to schedule an appointment with the landlord, just fill out the contact form.

If you find a place you’ve already lived, you can mark that one as well to give feedback on the experience. The site is brand new, so it’s not a robust community yet, but the idea is that when everyone fills out their apartment desires and current living situations, anyone in the community will be able to pull up a property listing and find out what previous and current residents think of it. You can rate the place publicly or privately on a scale of one to five stars , but if you write a review, it will be made public. Hopefully, people will use this opportunity to talk about cool restaurants nearby and how long it actually takes to walk to the train instead of complaining endlessly about how long it takes to get the toilet fixed.

Property managers can post updates in the news and blog section, or communicate with residents through a private activity feed.

RentSocial is owned by Yield Technologies, the creators of the RentSentinal apartment marketing management software. The company has also partnered with so that residents can pay their rent online.

Image by yampi via Shutterstock.