Find Websites That Are Similar to Other Websites

who_is_like_itGrowing up, one of my favorite music magazines was College Music Journal, a monthly mag that charted college radio station airplay. What set the magazine apart, aside from being way ahead of the curve on ‘who will be the next big thing, was their ‘Recommended If You Like…’ (RIYL) addendum to every album review.

A simple concept, the feature listed other bands that sound like the album reviewed, letting you know right off the bat if the album was worth a spin.

If only something similar existed for your favorite Websites. Alas, it does!WhoIsLike.It ain’t your Web 1.0 search engine. The German-engineered engine has you input a Website and will yield results of similar sites.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve waited for a site like this for a long time.

Results are displayed with a corresponding screenshot. For example, a search of “RotorBlog” yielded many similar Websites, including, TechCrunch, 37Signals and Technorati. Not bad company! The results aren’t perfect, but they can help users find new destinations and help Website owners locate their potential competition.

A la Google, the site’s homepage is sparse. In order to become a bookmarked mainstay, they will have to index more pages, refine results, and perhaps often a ‘search by category’ option. I’d also like to see results listed side-by-side instead of of forcing me to scroll to check out all of the results.