Find Twitter Chats In Your Industry: 5 Resources

Find Twitter Chats In Your Industry: 5 Resources

Twitter chats are growing in popularity. Brands host weekly sessions, celebrities of all stripes conduct hour-long Q&As for their fans, and hobbyists gather to discuss their passions.

Chats offer businesses the ability to connect to their customers, extend their reach and awareness, save on customer service and many other benefits. But actually finding the right chat for you can be difficult.

These five resources will help you search, sort and discover the best chat for your industry:

1. Google Spreadsheet

This is the grandfather of Twitter chat lists. It has been around for nearly as long as chats themselves, and is the go-to resource for finding new chats.

There are approximately 100 chats listed in the document, which can be edited by the community. It’s a great starting point for browsing the various chats out there, as all of the information (description, hashtag, time) is clearly visible in each row.

2. The Chat Diary

This site lists hundreds of Twitter chats in an easy-to-navigate calendar. What’s great about this list is how extensive it is: there are over 80 chats happening today alone!

The chats are sorted by date and time, and when clicked display a short description. You also have the option to add the chat to your calendar with a single click.

3. Gnosis Arts

This list of Twitter chats uses a wiki format to organize its information. This means you can browse chats by day of the week or alphabetically, and you can easily search the wiki by subject to narrow down the results to chats in your industry or area of interest.

4. Twubs Chat Schedule

Twubs may not have as extensive a selection of Twitter chats as some of the other resources on the list, but since each chat must be manually added by its creator, chances are most of them are still active and of high quality. The chats are organized using a timeline.

5.Tweet Reports

Tweet Reports sorts its list of chats similarly to the Google Spreadsheet resource above. There are many more chats here than on the other spreadsheet, and you can sort these results by hashtag, topic, day and time and other factors.

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