Find the Perfect Personal Trainer Online

Ever wonder how those movie stars can reshape their bodies in a matter of months? The keys are time, money and dedication – though not necessarily in that order.

Launching today is fitorbit, a new Website that aims to level the playing field, making personal trainers available to the masses. What sets the site apart is that you can actually filter personal trainers to find one that best suits your goals, lifestyle and preferences.

As someone who has walked in and out of several gyms during his life, this sounds like a great concept. I often find that I have nothing in common with the trainers I’ve been paired up with. And as hard as I’ve tried to outline MY goals, I have found the trainer always reverts back to what THEY know or want for me.

Once you find a trainer to your liking, together, you develop a course of action. On a daily basis you will receive daily encouragement from your trainer and be able to offer feedback.

To get started you tell fitorbit what you are looking to work on (weight loss, strength training, injury recovery, etc.). Tell the system what areas of your body you want to target and a little about the lifestyle you lead. Pick your five favorite physical activities and your five least favorite.

You can either filter through to find a personal trainer match or you can browse through a list and pick your own.

As you would imagine, a personal trainer does not come cheap – though the virtual type will set you back a lot less than an in-gym option. If you’re willing to commit for 6 months, you can expect to pay around $10 a week. A single week can cost up to $29.99.

A small price to pay for health, nutrition and general well-being, no?