Find Out Who's Defriending You On Facebook, Again

Get an email alert every time someone defriends you by trying out the new app Defriend Alert.

If you’ve been noticing your friend count decreasing lately, you might not be imagining things.

If you’re like me, you’re watching your numbers decreasing and wanting to know who is pulling the trigger. Enter the new application Defriend Alert. Click the “Connect with Facebook” button in the app and you’ll receive an email whenever someone defriends you.
The app requests permission to access your basic information, your email address and access to your data at any time, which is understandable since it contacts you whenever a defriending takes place. Once you sign up, you get a simple note that says “Thanks! You’ll receive your first email as soon as someone defriends you.” And that’s it.
So now when your friends are dropping like flies, at least you’ll know who’s doing it. Then again, does it even matter? I have friends on Facebook that I met once at a party in college four years ago. If they deleted me, I wouldn’t be too upset. If it was someone who’s wedding I went to, now that would be a different story.
This application isn’t the first of its kind, though. Back in January Facebook shut down an iPhone application that did the same thing. While we hope the social network doesn’t shut down Defriend Alert, we expect that to happen based on historical patterns.
Do you even want to know who is defriending you?