Find New Music with Frenzapp

Continued efforts toward translating community-based music fandom to the digital age are always welcome — even though the process can be made tricky by the fact that this type of work only succeeds when many users are on board with the same software. Frenzapp Music, like so many others, hopes to solve this common problem by becoming the go-to app for everyone’s music sharing needs.

Bitsmedia, developers of Frenzapp Music, are positioning the recent release as a companion version to their original app-sharing software, Frenzapp. Like its predecessor, Music is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and laden with useful features (like seamless Twitter, Facebook and iTunes Music Store integration) and only needs widespread support to become a truly outstanding social music tool.

While it’s impossible to predict whether or not Frenzapp will catch on, its excellent design and developer pedigree make it worth a look. The app’s foundation is definitely strong enough (particularly impressive aspects of the program include streaming song previews, location-based recommendation scanning and full playback controls for all tunes stored on a user’s iOS device) but, like all software of its ilk, it will sink or swim based on its popularity.

If enough people decide to take Frenzapp for a spin we could have a beautiful thing on our hands. One of these days there must be some sort of uniting of the collective unconscious, a wondrous, universal decision to all download the same social music app. And for that hyperbolic utopia to become reality we all have to agree on the best available software. So why not check out Frenzapp Music through its iTunes App Store or official site for a start? It is free after all!