Find Movies w/ the Movie Genome Project

What do you want to watch tonight? I don’t know. What do you want to rent? I don’t care.

We’ve all been there. Well this new Web site,, helps make the decision a bit easier. As they refer to it, their “movie genome project” helps match up users to movies and TV shows by sorting through the experience (mood and tone) and the story (plot). The creators of the website refer to it as “an internet application designed to fit how people relate to movies and TV”, not as a social networking site.It offers a few different features. The first one is to help you choose a movie based off what you are feeling for the night: date night, action, or drama. After you begin choosing movies, the website offers “recommendations” based off your previous selections. And coming soon to the website will be a wiki feature that allows all users to post their thoughts on the movie’s plot and definitions.

Here’s the creators take on recommendations:

We think the best recommendations use man and machine. A machine can deeply analyze the type of content you like to learn about your unique taste. People can share their personal favorites and opinions about what they’ve seen (in a way no machine can do, as yet). Jinni isn’t a social network, it’s a service meant to fit how people experience media – and we’ve included dialogue about movies and shows as part of that.

Jinni recommends by comparing your Taste Types and the genes of all the titles in our catalogue, figuring in your preferences (movies or TV, in theaters or online) and some other filters. Simplistically, if you have the genes for Gloomy Love Triangles, we’ll recommend titles with those dominant genes. As a user, you receive recommendations from Jinni, your Movie Circle, your Neighbors (people Jinni identifies as having taste similar to yours), and your Groups.

The site requires that you submit your e-mail and then wait on an invitation to join, which can take surprisingly long for Internet standards. However, as this Web site continues to improve its accuracy, it truly can help out those difficult Friday night decisions on renting a movie.