Find me guilty: LA Indie says Pellicano will go it alone at new trial

Ross Johnson, a frequent New York Times contributor, has what looks to be a fairly hefty scoop: That disgraced PI Anthony J. Pellicano will represent himself at his wiretapping trial.

Reporting the news on, Johnson writes,

“Facing a day of reckoning and wiped out financially after having gone through two high-priced attorneys while spending 30 months in federal prison, jailed Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano has overruled his pro bono advisory attorney and will push for an expedited trial on April 18, said two Pellicano family members Sunday night.”

If Johnson’s sources are right, covering the l’affaire de Pellicano will become quite a bit more difficult too, for Johnson claims that “Government prosecutors are also expected to press Judge Dale Fisher for a protective order that would prevent the press from access to any evidence proffered before trial, according to a source.”


(We’ll be monitoring this to see if Johnson really did have the jump on everyone.)

In the meantime, unfortunately, this probably also means that we gotta see Vin Diesel in “Find me Guilty”– just for symmetry.

Simultaneously, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that litigator to the luminaries Bert Fields is still playing a game of “chicken” with federal prosecutors over the extent of his involvement with Pellicano’s tele-sleuthing.

We’re totallly a-quiver with excitement. And for more on the Pellicano trial and its reach, tune into “The Business” on NPR today, at 2:30pm on KCRW here in L.A. My guest will be Rachel Abramowitz from the Los Angeles Times.