Good News Is Good (And Now Easier) To Find Online

Good News DigestLast week, the Huffington Post launched its Good News section in a public bet that people will click and read articles online that don’t include sex, violence or celebrities. As one of the holdout optimist journalists (we exist), I’m rooting for the Good Newsies.

Arianna Huffington: I’ve long said that those of us in the media have provided too many autopsies of what went wrong and not enough biopsies. It’s a belief that goes hand-in-hand with HuffPost Good News’ editorial mission to turn our attention to what is working.

One of my favorite stories I’ve worked on came as a tip from the out-of-state daughter-in-law of a man who found a diamond ring in a piece of fudge, which had been purchased at a bake sale, from which it was taken out of town to a family reunion, and a portion of it was given to him as a gift. The story traced how the fudge found its way into his midnight snack — and how the goodness of people helped it find its way back to the finger of the fudge maker, who was dearly missing her dead mother’s ring. When I called that woman up to ask about the story, she was skeptical. Why would you want to write about me? It turned into an A1 story — and a whirlwind blitz of good news that took her story around the world. She later wrote a letter to the editor highlighting what she didn’t realize when I first called:

This tells me people want to be told that good things still happen in this world. We hear so much negative news that we forget we are surrounded by wonderful people every day. I just wanted you to know how right Meranda was in choosing to write a positive, up-lifting article. All the attention has reaffirmed to me just how starved we are for positive news. We need to be reminded that most people are honest and willing to be good to one another. How many acts of kindness occur daily that we do not hear about?

I concur and still enjoy the stories where I get to put aside the he-said, she-said and controversies and revel in something more upbeat. So, with that in mind, for those starved for good news, I wanted to highlight a few spots to look online for these uplifting news pieces:

As Huffington wrote in her introduction to the new site: “Here’s hoping it sets off copycat acts of good news reporting across the media.” As you can see, this is already a thing, and a good one at that.

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