Find Dining Companions & Restaurant Reservations Using GrubTonight

Want to check out that new Korean place by your office, but your friends are busy tonight? Digital startup GrubWithUs has the answer. The company has launched a new app called GrubTonight which is a kind of match maker for foodies. The app organizes daily impromtu dinner parties, asking users to “imagine meeting the person of your dreams, making new friends or landing a new job, all over dinner…tonight.”

It works kind of like Gilt. Every day GrubTonight offers a number of group dinners at a partner restaurants at 10am. The app sells tables of 4-8 people. If you like the dinner suggestion, you can make reservations.

The Associated Press has more: “Each night there are three prix-fixe group dinners available. Bookings for the meals, which average about $20, are made through the app. The meal includes a shared appetizer, entree and a drink.”

If you liked your dining companions, you can give them a high-five in the app, which others can see when looking for potential dining friends. The app also lets you swap contact information in case you’d like to meet up again. So far it works in Boston, Chicago, LA, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC. You have to be 17 to participate.