Find Customized Social Content For Your Brand To Share In Five Fast Steps

You knew Rallyverse was THE way to curate content web-wide, but did you know they can INSTANTLY deliver customized content for social media distribution by brands, services, and other businesses?

No, you didn’t liar – because they just launched these capabilities.

But that’s okay, we’ll still tell you about them.

Rallyverse can now get brands started in just minutes with brand-relevant and real-time content recommendations.


They’ve devised a simple five-step process that allows them to “algorithmically discover a brand’s social interest graph and immediately deliver the best matching content back to the client for review.”

And when they say it’s “fast” they mean you’re set up in minutes. “So many social media platforms take days, if not weeks or even months, to get clients up and running. Because Rallyverse is primarily a technology company, we’ve been able to develop our platform with the intelligence to understand a client’s needs with minimal input and deliver the most relevant recommendations in the fastest and easiest way possible,” said Joe Doran, Rallyverse co-founder and CEO.

Anyone who’s struggled with setting up their own content curation plan will tell you that’s pretty remarkable.

They also rolled out some additional updates to help users to customize and refine their Rallydeck content recommendations:

Real-time keyword-based content. Users can quickly add (or remove) a trending topic and the ability to easily add local news sources to their feed – a must for places with more than one location, as it allows them to add locally relevant content to the branded content shared by their central marketing team.

New, personalized learning algorithm. This improves the user’s content recommendations over time, so the more they use the platform, the better the recommendations will be. Spooky, yes – but also super cool.

Adding previously posted content. Businesses can add items already posted on their Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc., into their Rallydeck with ease.

Social media conversation integration. Allowing users to respond to Twitter and Facebook feedback directly from the Rallydeck.

Want to learn more? Check out their blog.

And don’t worry, they have to be used to fielding potential clients’ disbelief at this point, so reach out to them with any questions!

(Image from Rallyverse)

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