Find and Share Real-World Health Experience at Trusera

Health is wealth and health is one of the most important aspect of our lives. Hence, it is no wonder that we’ve seen many websites geared towards providing us with health information that we need. In the social networking world, very few managed to succeed in introducting niche-marketed social networking sites. Hopefully, new startup Trusera becomes one of the few who were able to establish a presence in the Health niche.

Trusera, from their own words:

“…is an online health network where you can find and share real-world experiences. Come experience the Power of Been There.”

And with those lines it offers members for ways by which to make use of Trusera services:

  • Browse and find inspiration and motivation through other people their experiences and story. What a better way to undestand our health intricacies but by knowing what other had experience before.
  • Create a personalized network of trust and support with others who have been there
  • Ask the Trusera community for related issues and concerns
  • In return for all the information you’ll get, the least you can to return the favor is to tell your health story and share it with others

Trusera is a pretty straightforward site offering its members a pretty straightforward utility to network, learn about health issues and concerns and hopefully outside of their social networking chorse, members still manage to apply what they will learn from Trusera.