Find Activity Partners With Activity8

I love to play tennis, try new trails on my bike and – when possible – go rafting. The problem is, most of my friends and family enjoy other activities. A new Website, Activity8, aims to match you up with activity buddies – all without any shady business.

Based on your zip code you will be shown people in your area looking do to stuff. You’ll see a thumbnail photo, the distance they from you and a list of the activities they like to engage in. Your Activity8 dashboard will show people who have common interests.

All you have to do is select the activity that interests you. From hiking to tennis – yoga to rafting – paintball to darts; you can even add your own activity.

Each activity on a person’s profile lists the frequency in which they partake in the event, how long they’ve been doing it for and what their experience is. If you find someone who appears to be a good activity buddy, you click on the “Invite” link. This populates a box where you can send a message and suggest a day and time to participate in a specific activity. You can choose to share your e-mail, phone number, address, or communicate through the Activity8 Website.

You can also choose to nudge a person to get their interest. However, be warned! When I was checking out the site I accidentally hit this button and pinged a person I was not looking to speak with.

Activity8’s slogan is “activity8 is about DOING STUFF and MEETING PEOPLE! Sign up and spend less time in front of a picture box!”

The site is new so please be forgiving if you find that you receive a few errors along the way. There is a feedback button in which you can report any issues.