Find a Job by Pointing Your Nokia Phone at a Building

Do you ever just walk around your city looking up at the buildings and wonder what kinds of job opportunities are out there? Well Nokia has a new app that aims to turn this into a realistic way to find a job. It’s called  JobLens and it was designed specifically for Lumia Windows-based smartphones.


The app uses augmented reality to overlay job opportunity listings based on location onto actual buildings. So you can look up, point your phone and apply for the internship. The app also pulls data from LinkedIn and Facebook, so you can try to get a personal introduction to a hiring manager. Or you may even get lucky and run into a hiring manager at the cafe or bar downstairs.

Check it out:

JobLens helps you see jobs all around you through augmented reality, and land those jobs through some of the biggest, most respected brands in career services. Powered by Indeed, Linkedin, Here Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, (US only), Zillow (US only), CareerOneStop (US only), (UK only), Payscale (UK only) and other best-in-class content partners, the app enables you to discover new job opportunities in both the physical world and through your social networks.

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