Financial Times Takes a Look at Los Angeles


The Financial Times has three features about Los Angeles this weekend, and every one is a winner.

Liz Goldwyn, who’s also profiled by Booth Moore in the LA Times, writes about her collection of vintage burlesque costumes. Frankly, it’s more revealing than either Moore’s long, detailed account of Goldwyn’s career and influence or Goldwyn’s own documentary, Pretty Things, which is amateurish in execution. If her book is as good as this article, we’d be glad to see more of Goldwyn, thankfully not as a stripper.

Graham Bowley writes about Danah Boyd, the chief interpreter of on-line social networks. Bowley doesn’t break any new ground, at least not for LG15 sleuths or Friendster alumni, but if you don’t know much about the evolution of these sites and wonder why Murdoch bought MySpace for $580 million, read the whole thing and hey, presto! you’re up-to-date.

And finally, novelist A.M. Homes writes gracefully about Los Angeles, specifically the Chateau Marmont. She also mentions taking meetings with development people:

And always someone calls me Anne instead of A.M. and another proudly declares that he’s read a review of my most recent book–as though reading a review is equal to reading the actual book.

FBLA would like to think that this particular sleight of tongue isn’t peculiar to Los Angeles, but we know we’d be kidding ourselves.