LinkedIn Top Business Social Network For Financial Pros (With Twitter In Second Place) [STUDY]

If you’re a financial professional, which social network do you reach for when you’re looking for the latest news and information in your space?

Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s LinkedIn, according to a new survey, which found that social media has an overall penetration rate of 90 percent amongst financial pros, and LinkedIn is used by one-third (33 percent) of this group for business purposes.

Twitter finished second in the business use poll, but commanded only a 3 percent usage rate, ahead of Facebook and blogs (both 2 percent).

For personal use, Facebook (55 percent) and Twitter (21 percent) finished some distance ahead of LinkedIn (5th overall, 12 percent), but when financial pros were asked which social networks they used most for both personal and business purposes, LinkedIn again finished top, with more than one-fifth (22 percent) citing this network as their preference.

Respondents said that read expert commentary insights, research people (i.e., prospects) and sharing news and content were their top reasons for using LinkedIn.

(Source: eMarketer.)