Finally Tried Starbucks iPhone Mobile Payment: Works Great

Starbucks enabled payment using their iPhone app in all of their U.S. stores a month ago (testing in various locations plus Starbucks in Target had been going on for many months).

Starbucks (US): Pay Using an iPhone or BlackBerry. Android App in the Queue

But, I finally got around to trying it this past week. Quick summary: It works great. Here’s what you need and how it works.

– You need the free Starbucks Card Mobile iPhone app
– You also need a Starbucks card
– A PayPal account is handy to have because you can use it to refill (so to speak) your Starbucks card

– Login to the Starbucks Card Mobile app before you get to the counter. It always requires you to type in your password. So, don’t do this while you are actually ordering or, worse, after you order
– Order your beverage and/or food
– Ask the friendly barista to scan your iPhone’s screen. You can see a slightly scrambled version (my barcode is scrambled too for obvious reasons) of my card to the left.

That’s it. The barista who helped me said she likes it when customers use the app because it is so fast and efficient. And, anything that keeps the line moving makes both baristas and customers happier.

FYI: If you haven’t see the new Starbucks Trenta sized cup, here’s a photo of ice tea in Venti (left) and Trenta (right) cups.