FINALLY: Toobin Relents, Gives Props To Labash

It’s amazing what a Band of (Emailing) Brothers can do…

With much grassroots support from friends and admirers, Kathleen Parker’s National Review Corner post on similarities between Jeffrey Toobin’s New Yorker piece on Roger Stone (which FishbowlDC linked to this morning…and joked about during our live-Twittering last night) and Matt Labash’s earlier Weekly Standard piece on Stone garnered the all-important Drudge link today.

And, as a result? Toobin has apologized. He writes Parker:

    I just saw Kathleen Parker’s post about my New Yorker piece about Roger Stone and Matt Labash’s earlier articles about him in The Weekly Standard. As I read Parker, the gist of the complaint against me is not plagiarism (because there was none), but discourtesy — that is, it would have been appropriate for me to offer a hat-tip or shout-out to Matt’s work. On balance, I think Parker is right; I should have acknowledged Matt’s articles, which I did read and enjoyed a great deal. So let me take this opportunity to apologize to Matt and The Weekly Standard.