Finally: The World’s First LOLCats Campaign

When we first heard of cat poop specialist Litter Genie‘s plans to create a real-life ad campaign worthy of I Can Has Cheezburger, we had two very different thoughts:

1. What took so long? Someone already planned a reality show tracking the brilliant minds who come up with content ideas for what feels like the world’s oldest meme site. Given the fact that LOLcats remains popular while so many other web memes quickly fall by the wayside, we can’t believe more brands haven’t jumped on the theme.

2. This will never work. Branding yourself with an Internet meme, especially one as old as silly cats, is never a good idea. And the “send us lyrics for the Litter Genie Cat to rap” Twitter promo is about as hip and in-the-moment as LOLcats itself (which is to say not at all).

We were leaning toward the latter, especially after reading comedienne Julie Klausner tell The New York Times that the ads, though well-produced, are “just funny for advertising” and that most cat lovers would prefer to see their favorite felines jumping into boxes or giving each other high fives in strangers’ living rooms.

But then we remembered that, long after civilized society has crumbled and we’re all scrambling for that last bottle of fresh water, people will still love silly cat videos.

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