Finally Telling the Tale of Herb and Dorothy Vogel and Zaha Hadid Spotting

A couple of movie trailers to keep you up to date on what’s new out there in the cinema. First up comes a documentary that seems like it should have been made a dozen years ago. It’s Herb and Dorothy, which tells the story of the famous couple, Dorothy and Herb Vogel, the librarian and postal worker who have amassed an incredible contemporary art collection over the years. It looks great and kudos to director Megumi Sasaki for getting there first:

Second and maybe not very design related or even correct, we found the trailer for Transcendent Man, the documentary about inventor/futurist Ray Kurzwell, interesting enough on its own (if not a bit spooky). But is that Zaha Hadid we spot for a couple of seconds around the 2:08 mark? Probably not, because we can’t figure out why she’d be interviewing Kurzwell or sharing a stage with him, but it kinda looks like her, doesn’t it?