(Finally) Remembering Barney Bubbles


Feuilleton’s got a nice piece up about an oft-forgotten peer of Peter Saville‘s and Neville Brody‘s, the artist and designer, Barney Bubbles. In it, they do a great rundown of his album artwork, his illustration process, and why he’s never gotten much recognition for his influential work. It’s a great read, particularly if you’ve never heard of him.

…Barney Bubbles receives little posthumous attention outside the histories of his former employers. Since he was a major influence on my career I thought it time to give him at least part of the appraisal he deserves. His work has grown in relevance to my own even though I stopped working for Hawkwind myself in 1985, not least because I’ve made a similar transition away from derivative space art towards pure design. Barney Bubbles was equally adept at design as he was at illustration, unlike contemporaries in the album cover field such as Roger Dean (mainly an illustrator although he did create lettering designs) and Hipgnosis (who were more designers and photographers who drafted in illustrators when required).