Finally! FNC’s Bret Baier Awards Media Matters Research Fellow Trivia Prize

We can all breathe easier now that FNC’s Bret Baier has finally seen the light. Yesterday he awarded that Media Matters research fellow who has been on his ass for weeks now the grand prize for his weekly Twitter trivia contest, despite the fact that Eric Hananoki has been making a mockery of his contest.

Well, a mockery if you think it’s wrong that Hananoki ask Baier about remarks made by FNC colleague Bill Sammon about President Obama being a socialist — Sammon was caught on tape saying he he had linked Obama to socialism even though he didn’t believe it.

When the weekly Twitter trivia contest came up, Hananoki took it as a chance to ask Baier about Sammon, and tagged a question onto one of his trivia answers. Baier was not going to take that sitting down. So he began instituting strict Twitter trivia rules and awarding second place contestants first place prizes. He relentlessly blocked Hananoki with all the fair and balanced juice he could muster. But each week Hananoki was one step ahead with a new Twitter account and more right answers to Baier’s trivia questions. Funny enough, he changed his own avatar to Sammon’s picture.

This week Hananoki, again under an assumed handle — BHOisSocialist — won the game. Baier’s Q: Which liberal commentator did Brit Hume reference last night for saying “The war on terror is over”? The answer: Peter Beinart. Baier tweeted the winner as he normally does. But mysteriously, this winning tweet soon vanished into thin Twitter air. Nevertheless, he wrote Hananoki by Direct Message and asked him to pick his prize.

The Fox News mug. That should go over well in the Media Matters newsroom.