Finally, A Kid-Friendly Internet – Kidzui

kidzui.jpgParents who are worried about the sites that their kids when they go online without them at home may soon have a peace of mind knowing that their children would not accidentally stumble upon a not-so-kid-friendly website. Thanks to Kidzui, parents can now be assured that all the sites that their kids visit were tested and evaluated by responsible teachers and parents alike.

KidZui is a kid friendly browser with access to over 600,000 websites, pictures and videos reviewed by teachers and parents like you. You would not find even the slightest form of pornography on the internet using the Kidzui browser.

And it’s a free web browser just like Firefox and Internet Explorer. What could be better than that? It’s a good alternative to proprietary web filtering software which are pegged with high costs.


Kidzui also provides parents with email updates on what their kids are viewing, so they can easily monitor if their kids are visiting one particular site more often and even better they can check whether that site is good or bad for their kids. But since, those sites are already evaluated by Kidzui staff, then chances are those sites are safe for your kids.

Kidzui includes around 600,000 websites, so you’re kids ages 6-12 would have enough websites to visits until they grow old enough to visit some more matured sites.