Finally, A Corporate Blogging Book Written by Pros for Pros

Are you still trying to wrap your head about how corporate blogging works? Unless you have a blogger (or blog-savvy) person on your team, it’s tough to get started – and there aren’t many resources available to help you along. I’ve poked around at some of the books that have been written on the subject, and none really reflects what it’s like when you’re in the trenches. I’ve written a bit about corporate blogging for SocialTimes, as have some of our other bloggers, but you’ll struggle to find a comprehensive resource you can use. Until now.

I heard from OpenView Labs this week about a new ebook the team there has put together – The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Blogging. The team reached out to corporate bloggers and social media marketing professionals to contribute their thoughts and experiences, bringing them all together into a single tool you can use to get the most out of your investment in this resource.

Free as long as you register for the OpenView Labs newsletter (which is worth doing – I’ve read a lot of their content), the ebook balances strategy and practicality, with chapters that walk you through the process of getting started. The checklists make it easy to keep track of what you are (and should be) doing. And the contributors are solid, including Ann Handley of MrketingProfs, Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 and Jonathan Kranz, who wrote Copywriting for Dummies.

Says Brian Zimmerman, Managing Director of OpenView Labs, “Blogs written by your employees are important in many ways including generating leads through search engines, helping build your brand by demonstrating your team’s culture and expertise, and give your sales team a valuable vehicle to better connect with target prospects, customers, and key influencers.”

Joe Pulizzi adds, “We must sell our expertise. We must do so by providing consistently valuable and compelling content to our prospects and customers. In doing so, we must leverage the greatest marketing assets we have (our employees). This presents both challenges and opportunities. And corporate blogging is one huge opportunity.”

If you’re just getting started, this is a great resource to have on your desk (or your Kindle) to help you navigate the process. It doesn’t have all the answers, but nothing does. After all, there’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty!