Finalists Chosen for AIA’s Architect Barbie Dream House Design Competition

Back in May, you might recall, the American Institute of Architects continued their celebration of finally having seen an Architect Barbie brought to market after years of failed attempts by its members. At their annual conference, this year in New Orleans, the AIA hosted not just a workshop for 7 to 9 year old girls to both play with the new doll and to hear from a practicing female architect, but they also announced a contest to design Architect Barbie’s Dream House, seeing as its an association filled with people who do such a thing for a living, and if one Barbie should have an insanely well-designed house, it’s this one. The turnaround for getting designs in for the contest was quick, there isn’t really a prize to speak of, and Mattel has no plans to build the winning design, but the AIA still managed to get in close to 30 submissions. Now they’re asking the internet to vote on a winner from the five finalists. Voting runs until August 1st, and the winner will be announced the day after. It takes mere seconds to vote, and you don’t have to be an AIA member, so browse the finalists and chime in with your selection. If you want our opinion, we’re vying for Entry #30658049 because it has a hole outside of the exterior bathroom wall so that a giraffe can poke its head in. That seems vitally important.

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