Final Voting Round For Kia’s ‘Who’s Next?’ YouTube Contest Opens Today

Back in July, Kia Soul launched their ‘Who’s Next?’ YouTube talent search, in which they asked contestants to submit videos that showcase “how they roll.” YouTube celebrity judges narrowed the contestants down to ten finalists and YouTubers voted to select the final four. Today, new videos from each contestant will go up on the Kia Soul YouTube channel and viewers will have the opportunity to vote once again to determine who will make it on to the next round.

The four finalists include David Kalb, a master of basketball trick shots; Charlie Puth, a kid who sings about sunglasses; Travis Betz, a receptionist that makes short films while working as a receptionist; and Dan Bakst, a regular guy with a quirky animated roommate with antlers. I’m interested to see what videos they will come out with next, as the competition moves closer to the finale. I am a little confused as to how David Kalb, the basketball trick shot extraordinaire, made it into the mix. I thought the goal of the competition was to find the next “YouTube Star” or vlogger, like celebrity judges ShayCarl, LisaNova and SMOSH. David is certainly talented, but will his personality shine through in his next video submission?

Check out what the YouTube celebrity judges had to say about the four finalists in the video below. Will you vote later today in the Kia ‘Who’s Next?’ competition? Who’s got your vote?