Final Prom Roundup

So consider this the last entry on Saturday’s Prom, but we’ve been asked to appear on MSNBC this afternoon at 3:45 ET to talk about it and so we thought a final round-up of other people’s prom reports was in order.

  • Lloyd Grove reports on numerous sightings and vingettes, reporting “it wasn’t, in any case, the most blindingly star-studded evening in the dinner’s history.”
  • Ad Age’s Jon Fine observes Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles, dancing, in full tuxedo, to a live percussionist.
  • The NYT’s Bumiller reports on the First Lady’s routine.
  • The WP’s Roxanne Roberts reports that the star of the Bloomberg Party was “the huge, floor-to-ceiling ice chandelier that dominated a back room full of designer martinis and enhanced blondes.”
  • The Washington Times explores the First Lady and the dinner, misspelling David Corn’s name in the process, and reports that the paper’s Guest-of-Note, the SecDef, “doubled over” in laughter at Laura’s wisecracks.

If you must have more prom, tune in to MSNBC at 3:45 p.m., but otherwise let this be the end of Prom 2005.